Weight Based Pricing for WooCommerce

This is a light-weight plugin (Weight based Pricing) for WooCommerce. It allows you to add extra fields for defining the price for weight based products.
As an online retailer/wholesaler you may need to sell products like vegetables, fruits, groceries, meats, fishes in different quantities to different customers based on their need. Whether you want to create a various price rate according to variation in the weight this plugin makes it easier. It personalizes your product rate with simple drag & drop fields with multi useful options.
If you want to assign a price for rice. It may vary according to weight like kilogram, gram, pound, ton based on the customers choice. you can set a border to the customer in choosing product weight & also support wastage percentage for products. For example, if you set a minimum weight to that product the customer can't select beyond that limit and you can also set weight intervals. This will be the same for maximum according to the stock given.
This will be helpful for customers to select the weight according to their choice. It's applicable to all weight based products.
Last modified 3mo ago
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