Weight Based Pricing Settings

In WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to WooCommerce -> Weight Based Pricing.

Displays the Weight Based Pricing Settings.


  • Enable Weight Based Pricing - Enable / disable the Weight Based Pricing in your WooCommerce site using this checkbox.

  • Default Weight Unit - Select default weight unit for products from the list. [ NOTE: By default in kilogram. ]

  • Custom Weight Input - Enable / disable custom weight input of product.

  • Add to Cart Button Label - Provide label for Add to Cart button.

  • Sale Price Label - Provide the Sale Price label for product.

  • Enable Actual Weight - Show / hide actual weight of product which calculated by reducing wastage percent of product.

  • Actual Weight Label - Provide Actual weight label for products..

  • Show Total Savings - Show / hide total savings of customer purchase in cart.

  • Save Changes - click to save changes you made in WooCommerce.

  • Reset - click to reset to WooCommerce to default settings.

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