Product Customization
Move on to Products in Dashboard.
    Select All Products to modify or add Weight Based Pricing in your already existing product.
    Select Add New to create a product with Weight Based Pricing in WooCommerce.
In Edit Product page. In Product Data -> General. You will see the Weight Based Pricing plugin options below the Tax class.
    Weight Based Pricing - click to enable weight based pricing in this product
    Weight Unit - select the weight unit for your product from the drop-down list (kilogram, gram, pound, tonne).
    Maximum Weight - specifies the maximum weight limit for the product.
    Minimum Weight - specifies the minimum weight limit for the product.
    Weight Intervals - specifies the increment or decrement weight values of the product.
    Wastage Percentage - specifies the wastage unit of the product in percent.
    FROM/TO RANGE - enables you to set weight range for the product.
    REGULAR PRICE - provides the actual price of the product.
    SALE PRICE - provides the sales price of the product(i.e., current selling price of the product).
    Add Pricing Rule - click this icon to Add Pricing rules for the products.
NOTE : Using FROM /TO RANGE you can set multiple ranges for a single product with different pricing rates.
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