Product creation using Weight Based Pricing
Here, we have created a sample for Weight Based Pricing for WooCommerce.
    We have taken fish as a sample product for Weight Based Pricing plugin.
    Set the values in the required positions based on the product need.
      Weight unit have specified as kilogram.
      Minimum Weight is 2kg below that limit. Customers can not place orders.
      Maximum Weight is 50kg, you can set based on the stock availability.
      0.5kg weight interval, product range varies at 0.5kgs upto 50kg.
      wastage percentage is specified as 20% from the customer ordered weight.
    In the price range, we have set two ranges for a single product.
      Range(10 - 24.9 kg) - sale price will be 90 per kilogram.
      Range(25 - 50 kg) - sale price will be 80 per kilogram.
    Here, we have used Add to Cart button as Go To Product Page.
    Shows availability of stock in Green text Mark.
    Actual weight specifies the weight of product after reducing the wastage.
    Price displays the rate of the product you have selected.
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