Product creation using Weight Based Pricing

Here, we have created a sample for Weight Based Pricing for WooCommerce.
  • We have taken apple as a sample product for Weight Based Pricing plugin.
  • Set the values in the required positions based on the product need.
    • Weight unit have specified as kilogram.
    • Minimum Weight is 1kg below that limit. Customers can not place orders.
    • Maximum Weight is 100kg, you can set based on the stock availability.
    • 1kg weight interval, product range varies at 1kgs upto 50kg.
    • wastage percentage is specified as 0% from the customer ordered weight.
  • In the price range, we have set two ranges for a single product.
    • Range( 5 - 100 kg) - sale price will be 4 & regular price will be 5 per kilogram.
  • Here, we have used Add to Cart button as Go To Product Page.
  • Shows availability of stock in Green text Mark.
  • Actual weight specifies the weight of product after reducing the wastage.
  • Price displays the rate of the product you have selected.